National Wildlife Control Training Program 

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The National Wildlife Control Training Program (NWCTP) is a cooperative venture of concerned professionals interested in wildlife damage management. The NWCTP uses a standard curriculum and develops national standards for the wildlife control industry. The NWCTP presents information through an Integrated Wildlife Damage Management (IWDM) perspective, which includes the timely use of a variety of cost-effective, environmentally safe, and socially acceptable methods to reduce human-wildlife conflicts to a tolerable level. This approach balances concerns about safety; the humane treatment of wildlife; practicality; landowner rights; the protection of wildlife populations and habitats; and ethical, legal, financial, and aesthetic issues.

Core Principles of Wildlife Control with Wildlife Species Information is the best printed training manual for wildlife control professionals. You can get the same great training program online with digital versions of the book, topic by topic course modules, quizzes and a final test that leads to certification of competency.

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Training Modules

  1. Principles of Wildlife Damage Management
  2. Job Safety and Personal Risks
  3. Wildlife Diseases
  4. Site Inspection
  5. Wildlife Control Methods
  6. Exclusion
  7. Toxicants
  8. Trapping
  9. Animal Handling and Control Methods
  10. Euthanasia & Carcass Disposal
  11. Business Practices/Professionalism
  12. Legal and Ethical Information
  13. State Information
  14. 25+ Wildlife Species Accounts

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Information on how to avoid risk and protection from and Wildlife diseases 

Procedures for safe, legal, socially acceptable, and effective wildlife damage management

Handling and control information for common nuisance wildlife

Professional and Legal Information

25 complete common wildlife species profiles

420 -page printed manual, fully illustrated

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The NWCTP has the best animal control and damage prevention information in the country. Compiled by wildlife biologists, professors of wildlife damage management, and experts from government and private agencies. Complete with biological information on wildlife species and the latest damage prevention and control methods.

Written and reviewed by leaders in the wildlife control community, the training manual is designed to provide the core training for wildlife control operators throughout the U.S. and Canada. The focus is on the practical, necessary information needed to resolve wildlife conflicts using best practices in safe and effective ways.

Download the knowledge requirements to become a wildlife control professional. Knowledge Requirements for WCOs