Managing Wildlife Damage


With rapid growth in the wildlife damage management industry, urbanization and increasing pest pressures, people need researched-based, high-quality information on managing human-wildlife conflicts. Managing Wildlife Damage: Practical  Methods for Resolving Human—Wildlife Conflicts, is a high-quality training program designed to serve the needs of anyone needing to understand or perform services managing wildlife. The training manual complements a complete online course that can lead to certification of competency for state licensing, or continuing education credits in several states.

The National Wildlife Control Training Program LLC (NWCTP) is a cooperative venture of concerned professionals interested in wildlife damage management. The NWCTP uses a curriculum based on learning objectives and expected skills and develops national standards for the private wildlife control industry. The NWCTP presents information through an Integrated Wildlife Management (IWM) perspective, which includes the timely use of a variety of cost-effective, environmentally safe, and socially acceptable methods to reduce human-wildlife conflicts to a tolerable level. This approach balances concerns about safety; the humane treatment of wildlife; practicality; landowner rights; the protection of wildlife populations and habitats; and ethical, legal, financial, and aesthetic issues.

Managing Wildlife Damage: Practical  Methods for Resolving Human—Wildlife Conflicts, describes the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to perform basic wildlife damage management and preventative control methods, with valuable species information needed to identify and control problem wildlife. Included in the training manual is important, comprehensive, species descriptions, providing in-depth coverage of the biology, damage management, common control methods, and animal handling techniques used to manage dozens of common wildlife species.

The authors and collaborators welcome your feedback and invite you to participate in making this manual a better product for people interested in managing wildlife. If you are interested in helping us create a better training program or need us to create one for you, contact us at

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