About Us

The National Wildlife Control Training Program (NWCTP) is a cooperative venture of concerned professionals interested in wildlife damage management. The NWCTP uses a standard curriculum for wildlife damage management and develops national standards for the private wildlife control industry. The NWCTP presents information through an Integrated Wildlife Management (IWM) perspective, which includes the  timely use of a variety of cost-effective, environmentally safe, and socially acceptable methods to reduce human-wildlife conflicts to a tolerable level. This approach balances concerns about safety; the humane treatment of wildlife; practicality; landowner rights; the protection of wildlife populations and habitats; and ethical, legal, financial, and aesthetic issues.

The Wildlife Control Operator Training Program was created by extension agents at land grant universities along with government and private agencies  to support national standards for the control of wildlife and prevention of wildlife damage. The National Wildlife Control Training Program is administered by National Wildlife Control Training Program LLC.